04 April 2006
Dear Brad,

recently I realized that the böse Hexe Angela Jolie who pretends being a nice girl forces you to live in a häßliche Hochhaus in Paris where it stinks nach Müll and Kacka.
I guess she just twisted you around her finger because she has spent to much money für neue Schuh. Thats vermutlich auch the Grund why she lives in a stinkige Hochhaussiedlung - not because she will that her children erleben soziale Realität. Thats only a miese Ausrede! Because I guess, she needs somebody who has enough money to unterhalten her expensive lifestyle.
Now I tell you what: My boyfriend and me, we have a really nice apartment. We also have a room free where we only need little space for the Wäscheständer. We used this room as Arbeitszimmer. Because we don't have Internet anymore we don't need the room. I asked my boyfriend and it would be OK for him if you moved in. You won't have to pay rent and we would let you dreh some Filme at the weekends and gesetzliche Feiertage. During the week the only thing you would have to do is bring my boysfriends child to the Kindergarten. Außerdem we dringend need someone who goes regelmäßig einkaufen. Since you have starke arms that should't be a problem for you.

P.S. The boy also understands ganz gut English, because he has the two Tchibo English Lern-CDs "Learning English with the little witch" and "Learning English with the little ghost".

Kind regards

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